Composition Recital - Sarah George

Sunday, March 19, 2000

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Westmont College sits in beautiful coastal hills near Santa Barbara, CA. At the rustic Deane School Chapel, over 100 faculty, students, family and friends gathered for a Sunday afternoon recital of Sarah George's musical composition. The day could not have been more perfect, with sunny skies and a cool sea breeze.
The recital began with a series of original works of art music. For the vocal numbers, Sarah has used literary works as her lyrics. The performers were fellow Westmont students. The entire recital was recorded on digital audio tape. Here are the sights.

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Four Poems by Lady Ise was performed by
Kim Akins
Sarah Christie
Michelle De St Jeor
Kristina Hale
Allie Lukens
Kerith Marcantonio
Sarah Morlock
Anna Neary
Risse Randall
Mary Samuelson
Katie Slottje
Tamara Teffeteller
Karen Fisher, soloist
Sharon Visser, soloist
Vanessa Zarate, soloist
Kevin Wetzel, accompanist
Daniel Koh, conductor

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An instrumental, String Trio No. 1 was performed by
Jedidiah Carpentier, violin I
Sharon Cooney, violin II
Kim George, viola

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A musical rendition of Christina Rossetti's Remember was performed by
Laura Rinton, soprano
Kevin Wetzel, piano

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John Updike's Report of Health was performed by
Sarah Eder, flute
Vanessa Zarate, soprano
Brian Novy, baritone
Kerith Marcantonio, violin
Caniel Koh, conductor

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An instrumental, Hypothesis in 7/8 was performed by
Christopher Knight, saxophone
Derrick Lowe, marimba
Dan Derby, percussion
Molly Le Pley, cello
Daniel Koh, conductor

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William Shakespeare's Sonnet 27 was performed by
Wetmont Chamber Singers
Grey Brothers, conductor

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Vestigia was performed by
Gillian Chavez, flute
Elizabeth Franklin, soprano
Kristina Hale, mezzo-soprano
Melody Miller, piano
Molly Le Pley, cello
Christopher Charon, conductor

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The last segment of the recital was a lively change of pace as Sarah took to the grand piano and performed
The Orange Song
Bike Ride
Amazing Grace

Sarah's performance was awesome, with the poise of an accomplished musician. She has a gift.

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A proud father presented Sarah with a floral bouquet as the audience stood and applauded the performance.

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Jayne George organized a late afternoon buffet of cheese, fruit, Armenian Lavosh roll-ups, punch and cookies for the post-recital reception
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March 19, 2000