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Surprise Party for Ken's 40th Birthday
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Ken George turns 40 this week. To celebrate the occasion, his wife Judy staged a surprise party at the Downingtown home of Bob and Mary Bennett, members of their Vineyard church. Over 50 people attended - family, friends from the church and from Ken's work.

To keep the event a surprise, it was held on the weekend before Ken's birthday and he was lead to believe that it was a party for a friend. Ken even was asked to bring a roast pork to his own party!

Before he could have his party, Ken had to answer questions about himself in a "Game Show". Behind the mystery door was a surprise guest from out of town, Mark Cornthwaite a former assistant pastor from the church, whom Ken had not seen in years.

Although it has nothing to do with Ken's birthday, we thought we'd inlcude a picture of Chancellor Tom George dropping the puck at a UWSP hockey opener.