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Books Written or Compiled by James Adair

Written by James Adair:
Saints Alive (1951)
The Old Lighthouse (1966)
The Man from Steamtown (1977)
M.R. DeHann: The Man and His Ministry (1969)
A Greater Strength (with Jerry Jenkins, 1990)
Surgeon on Safari (1976)
The Story of Scripture Press: The Whole Word for the Whole World (1998)

Compiled by James Adair:
God's Power Within (1961)
We Found Our Way Out (with Ted Miller, 1965)
Teen with a Future & Other Stories (1965)
Tom Skinner, Top Man of the Lords & Other Stories (1967)
Hooked on Jesus (1971)
Escape from Darkness (with Ted Miller, 1982)
101 Days in the Gospels with Oswald Chambers (with Harry Verploegh, 1992)
101 Days in the Epistles with Oswald Chambers (with Harry Verploegh, 1994)
A New Testament Walk with Oswald Chambers (with Harry Verploegh, 1998)
Through the Year with Warren W. Wiersbe (1999)
Be Quoted: From A to Z with Warren W. Wiersbe (July 2000)

Note: Only a few are still available. Check out for information on which are available, by typing in James R. Adair in Search box and hitting Go. I was surprised today to see some books listed for sale that I thought were long out of print. And I think they have it wrong that Be Quoted is Hardcover.

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