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Recently Discovered Historical Documents

More artifacts of the GeorgeFamily's history were uncovered recently by Howard Landon while he was assisting the 516 Georges in organizing their affairs. The documents, including the marriage certificate for Isaiah and Rachel are generally in very good condition.

Mark Landon has scanned these images into the computer so that we are able to post them here on the web site. The table below provides links for viewing or downloading the scanned images of each document. There are two files for each document. The "small" versions are better suited for those who have a dial-up connection to the Internet.

To view a file, simply click on the link.

To download to your computer, click on the link with the right mouse button (use Command-click on a Mac) to popup the context menu. Select "Save Target As..." to save the file.

Scanned Images
Marriage Certificate (front) September 11, 1909 Small (83K) Large (654K)
Marraige Certificate (back)    Small (73K) Large (617K)
Certificate of Naturalization July 12, 1911 Small (122K) Large (1,742K)
Citizenship Papers July 14, 1911 Small (181K) Large (2,430K)
Passport Application (front) 1928 Small (84K) Large (2,483K)
Passport Application (back)   Small (66K) Large (2,380K)
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