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Kadayif – Shredded Phyllo Pastry

Kadayif dough is like shredded wheat. Cousin Astrid in LA served us Kadayif with cheese on our first vist out west. This dessert can be made with cheese or nut filling. Make sure the cheese is not salty. You can bake the Kadayif a day ahead, then reheat immediately before serving and pour the syrup on.

Loukoumades (Farmer’s market version)

This is the version of loukoumades which I developed for Herows and Seda from the Armenian place to use at the Vista farmer’s market. Based on a recipe from the Bonatsa Café, Patmos, Greece originally published in the Times (London) Online

Hamim Red Pepper Salad

Served as a salad or dip, hamim is a delicious blend of flavors with peppers and walnuts. Hamim is very similar to the Arabic dip called muhammara. In a Turkish restaurant, you will find a dish called Salad Ezme, which is also very similar to hamim