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Summer Squash Soup

This soup was created from the need to use up some squash and zucchini that was in the fridge. It turned out really good so I thought I should record it. It is all vegetable, and is low is calories.

Red Lentil Kufta

Lentil kuftas are a delicious vegetarian mezze.


Falafel is a delicious meatless sandwich which is very popular in Jewish neighborhoods in many cities. I was introduced to falafel in college at an event sponsored by the Hillel Foundation. You may bake the falafel to reduce the fat. They aren’t quite as good, but they are healthier.

Fassoulia – Juicy Stringbeans

A simple, but delicious vegetable side dish. May be made with fresh or frozen beans. Chunks of cooked lamb are sometimes added to this dish.

Sucmic Kufta

Potato and Bulghur Appetizers. Sucmic is a wonderful way to use up leftover mashed potatoes. This is a variation on Red Lentil Kufta.

Rice Pilaf

Armenian Rice with Vermicelli
Aunt Mary’s classic recipe
Pilaf is a staple with Armenian meals. This is the classic recipe for Armenian rice, other varieties are presented on the following pages. Serve a bowl of madzoon on the side for topping the pilaf.

Hummus bi Tahini

Hummus is a classic middle eastern dip which is served before meals with wedges of pita bread. The taste is somewhat dry and nutty.

Jajukh – Yogurt Cucumber

Jajukh is a delightfully refreshing salad of cool cucumbers, tangy madzoon and a hint of fresh mint.

Bandera Hootz – Cheese/onion Bread from Kessab

Bandera Hootz means simply “Cheese Bread” in the Kessabtzi dialect of Armenian. It is served as an appetizer or snack.

Banir Aghtsan (Bunyer)

Quick and easy salad. In our family, this was called simply “bunyer”. Served in small bowls with pita bread.