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Greek-American Gyros

A great recipe for traditional Greek Gyros adapted for the American kitchen. This version is made with lamb, but could be made with a combination of beef and lamb, or all beef. The typical mix for Kronos gyros meat sold in the US is 85% beef and 15% lamb. If you go to Greece, we’re […]

Chee Kufta

Like its French cousin, Chee Kufta is a delicacy which is eaten raw. Only the freshest meat must be used. Grind it yourself, keep very cold and serve promptly.


Pronounced “year-o”, these sandwiches are sold in Greek restaurants, from food counters in shopping malls and on the streets of Manhattan. Hot meat is traditionally sliced to order from a large piece cooking on a vertical rotisserie. Pita is often oiled and warmed on a grill.

Armenian-Style Hamburgers (Dabgvadz Kufta )

Try these for a change of pace from ordinary hamburgers

Shish Kebab

Probably the most popular Armenian dish, Real shish kebab is made only with lamb. Tomatoes are placed on separate skewers to prevent overcooking.

Luleh Kebab

These ground meat kebabs are great on the BBQ. When I lived in Tucson, AZ, our Armenian club raised money each year by serving Luleh Kebab in pita bread at the annual fall ethnic festival

Lahmajune – Armenian Pizza

Lahmajune has been referred to as Armenian pizza. These delicious pies are sold by street vendors in the Middle East rolled and wrapped in waxed paper.