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Cheese or Spinach Beoreg

Beoreg is delicious as an appetizer or side dish with layers of spinach or cheese filling baked in flaky filo pastry.

Kadayif – Shredded Phyllo Pastry

Kadayif dough is like shredded wheat. Cousin Astrid in LA served us Kadayif with cheese on our first vist out west. This dessert can be made with cheese or nut filling. Make sure the cheese is not salty. You can bake the Kadayif a day ahead, then reheat immediately before serving and pour the syrup on.

Selaki – Dabgadz Banirov Beoreg

One of my father’s favorites, This Beoreg makes a delicious appetizer – very light and delicate. This dough is quite easy to work with. The thinner you roll the dough, the better your Selaki will be. You can also use a mild Feta cheese in place of the cottage and bleu cheeses. In Kessab, the name “Selaki” referred to several kinds of fried dough. Do not confuse this with the sweet deep fried dough served with sugar as a confection.

Greek Pastitsio

Pastitsio is often called Greek Lasagna. Layers of Penne Pasta and meat sauce, with a creamy custard topping. A bit rich, but worth it.

Bandera Hootz – Cheese/onion Bread from Kessab

Bandera Hootz means simply “Cheese Bread” in the Kessabtzi dialect of Armenian. It is served as an appetizer or snack.