Christmas Sticky Buns

Edith Love Newkumet > Dorothy Newkumet George > Bette George Dietrick

Sept 16 – 1950

Raised Dough

6 cups of flour

1 dry yeast cake. sprinkle into a ½ cup of warm water, let it stand for 15 minutes

2 cups of milk, scalded, to the milk add ½ cup of Crisco, and ½ cup of sugar. let it stand until cooled, then add enough flour to make a soft batter.

beat well. then add flour to make a soft dough. let it raise, to fill the bowl then punch down, and let it raise again.

Take from the bowl, and knead until it can be rolled on the board, adding flour to prevent sticking


For Cinnamon buns

Roll out the dough, cover with butter, sprinkle with cinnamon, brown sugar and raisins.

Roll up and cut into one inch slices.

In a heavy iron pan, cover the bottoms with brown sugar and dots of butter, sprinkle with water, be carefull not to keep in too hot and oven, as a moderate oven is used for raised dough

350 oven, bake about 30 minutes, change from bottom of oven to top.

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