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Summer Squash Soup

This soup was created from the need to use up some squash and zucchini that was in the fridge. It turned out really good so I thought I should record it. It is all vegetable, and is low is calories.

Corn and Bean Salad

Best with fresh corn, but canned corn will work if out of season.


Chilled yoghurt beverage
Tahn is a popular beverage, refreshing in hot weather. Often served with meals.


Madzoon is a staple in the Armenian house which is used as a soup, drink, dip, topping or simply eaten out of a bowl. It is surprisingly simple to make using this classic recipe.


Pronounced “year-o”, these sandwiches are sold in Greek restaurants, from food counters in shopping malls and on the streets of Manhattan. Hot meat is traditionally sliced to order from a large piece cooking on a vertical rotisserie. Pita is often oiled and warmed on a grill.

Armenian-Style Hamburgers (Dabgvadz Kufta )

Try these for a change of pace from ordinary hamburgers

Shish Kebab

Probably the most popular Armenian dish, Real shish kebab is made only with lamb. Tomatoes are placed on separate skewers to prevent overcooking.

Banir Aghtsan (Bunyer)

Quick and easy salad. In our family, this was called simply “bunyer”. Served in small bowls with pita bread.