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Choereg – Armenian Easter Bread

This delicious Armenian pastry is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. In English, choereg could be translated to “Armenian Easter bread”. The most important ingredient found in this pastry is the “mahleb”. This is what gives it its distinctive flavour and aroma. It can be found in Middle Eastern grocery […]

Greek-American Gyros

A great recipe for traditional Greek Gyros adapted for the American kitchen. This version is made with lamb, but could be made with a combination of beef and lamb, or all beef. The typical mix for Kronos gyros meat sold in the US is 85% beef and 15% lamb. If you go to Greece, we’re […]


A deliciously rich sweet pastry – much more practical to make in the days of commercially prepared filo sheets. Our Aun-tay used to make her own filo dough, using a long stick to roll a golf ball-sized piece of dough to cover the kitchen table. “Baklava” and “Pakhlava” are the same word, the difference is in the transliteration from the original Greek and Armenian alphabets. You will find many varieties of Pakhlava in Middle Eastern bakeries, including rolled, queens and “bird’s nests”. This traditional layered Pakhlava, cut in a diamond shape, is most common. Pistachio nuts can be subsituted for walnuts. Greeks use honey in the syrup, Armenians do not.

Mrs. A’s Meatloaf

A classic American meatloaf. One of the best you’ll taste. Not Armenian, but in the family

Red Lentil Kufta

Lentil kuftas are a delicious vegetarian mezze.

Greek Avgolemono Egg-Lemon Soup

Classic Greek chicken soup.

Christmas Sticky Buns

This traditional recipe was passed on from my great grandmother, Edith Love Newkumet, to my mother and then to my sister Bette.

Chee Kufta

Like its French cousin, Chee Kufta is a delicacy which is eaten raw. Only the freshest meat must be used. Grind it yourself, keep very cold and serve promptly.

Betty-Ann’s Amazing Crab Cakes

Today I’m participating in a benefit for Sankofa Fine Art.

My contribution to the event is crab cakes. About 30 of Cleveland’s amateur cooks
and professional chefs will each have our own booth, touting our ‘specialty’ for this
event. I was invited to participate in the amateur-likes-to-cook category. Bill is serving
as my assistant. The crab cakes are now ready and we will be loading the car and going
to set up later this afternoon. The event is 5:30-9pm.

It is co-sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic and is being held in one of their buildings. My
instructions were to prepare 150 sample-sized portions of my dish; chafing dishes and other
apparatus will be provided.

Abel Reviews Uncle Geever’s Hamim!

Video courtesy of Ben and Helen Joy