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Seminary Archives Established
From the Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary's
"In Ministry," Winter 2000.

ESTHER GEORGE RECENTLY celebrated 50 years of employment at Eastern Seminary. As a senior member of the staff, she has a great deal of the institution's history in her head as well as in her heart. It is fitting that she is now the protector of that history. In September, 1999 she became the Seminary's chief archivist.

Doubling as Executive Secretary to the Board of Directors, George managers her fourth floor archives office with graciousness and care. She welcomes visitors, is always friendly and respectful and always willing to help visitors locate information about the Seminary or simply explore the many pieces of material she keeps there. Old newspaper clippings, many, many photos, legal documents, board minutes from the past 75 years, and books written by past Seminary presidents, faculty and special guest are only some of the archive materials. Also among these treasures is a book given to the Seminary about the Green Hill Farms Hotel, the previous occupant of the Seminary's present home. The archives will, no doubt, be a special place to visit during the Seminary's Founders' Weekend.

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