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Easter Celebrations Around the Family
Philadelphia Report by Howard Landon
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The following persons were present: Martha, Esther, Florence, Ruth, Frank, Mizza, Bette, Rachel, Ken, Judy, Bill and Betty Lord (Judy's parents), Mark, Donna, Allie, Lu Ann, Bailey, Brooke, Tuddy and Howard.
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The dinner menu consisted of the following: Deviled eggs, Sweet Muhammara, black olives, pita bread, Spiral cut baked ham, apple sauce, rice pilaf, peas, green salad, scallions, chocolate and vanilla sheet cake, cherry pie, pakhlava, assorted chocolate covered easter eggs, iced tea, lemonade, and coffee. Brooke, Bailey, Allie, and Frank (in that order) returned thanks and the doxology was sung before dinner.

Easter phone calls were received from Ed in California and Tom in Wisconsin.

Following dinner musical selections were presented by Allie (saxaphone), Rachel (viola), Bailey (xylophone and dulcimer), and Brooke (vocal).

Lu Ann, Bailey and Brooke are spending a couple of days with Tuddy and Howard. No one wanted much to eat here tonight. We all had some fruit and everyone is turning in very early. It was a full day. Mark and Allie took a lot of digital pictures so you may be seeing some of the festivities on the website shortly.

Out in Southern California, Ed's church had three services with standing room only. Each worshiper was given a long stemmed flower as they entered the church. A large wooden cross covered with florist wire stood in the front of the church. During the opening songs, the congregation was invited to come forward and decorate the cross. In recognition of Easter Sunday, traditional hymns such as Christ the Lord is Risen Today and Holy, Holy, Holy, were mixed with the praise songs. After church, Ed took advantage of a beautiful sunny day to make a major batch of shish kebab. There was plenty left over to package in the FoodSaver and freeze.

Up in Roseville, CA, the David George family had much to rejoice in this day. Valley Springs had six services this morning, ministering to probably 1500 different people: a sunrise service at 6:45 AM, a service at 8 AM, two services at 9:30 AM (one in large circus tent on our lawn and the other in the worship room), and two at 11 AM (same). They had sent fliers to 15,000 homes inviting people to attend, so there were a number of non-church attending people present. Dave preached the Gospel. The results are in God's hands. After dinner, which they enjoyed with Bob and Gen Good, the family came home and rested.

In Wheaton, IL, the Adairs had 9 for dinner, including a mom and her son; the boy is spending tonight with Steve (who had dinner with them); the boy is looking over Wheaton College. The mom works for Paul Anderson Youth Home in Vidalia, GA., home of Vidalia onions. The son, 2nd in his class scholastically, appears to be good football material.

Jim and Ginnie served turkey, dressing, pilaf, fresh green beans and carrots, corn, and homemade pecan rolls and spiral rolls, plus a lot more. Jim roasted the turkey breast (5 1/2 lbs) for two hours on the Weber gas grill. It was luscious.

And there's a story behind the success. A couple of months ago the temp of the grill kept climbing past 400 even on low. Jim got in touch with Weber, and a customer service guy e-mailed him and told him he was sending a manifold replacement. Jim e-mailed that he didn't trust himself in attaching it, etc. The customer service guy volunteered to come over and attach it, since he lives in the area; they put it off till the weather warmed, and he came a week ago and not only attached the manifold but took the grill apart and cleaned it, and gave Jim a number of cooking tips. He even sent Jim a pack of large drip pans, one of which he used today to catch the drippings for gravy. (Best gravy ever, Ginnie said.)

But the new manifold didn't do the job. On Friday a new manifold arrived, one he discovered was tailored for Jim's grill. Yesterday he came and attached it, and got the grill working in good order. Everything for free (Jim gave him some books). Turns out he's a Christian brother. They had a lot to talk about.