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Mizza Returns to Catalina Island after 46 Years
In the summer of 1954, Eddie George (Rev. Edward I.) took his new wife, Mizza Dot, on a trip to California, which included a boat trip out to Catalina Island. On July 5, 2000, Mizza, Bette, Rachel and Ed (Edward B.)visited the island for the day. As we sailed into the harbor, Mizza saw the landmark Avalon Casino and said, "Oh, I remember that big round building!"

Catalina is about 21 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, CA. It is actually part of LA county. The island has only one developed area, the square mile village of Avalon, with 3,500 year-round residents, swelling to about 10,000 during the peak summer season. To preserve the islands natural state, there are strict rules on development and transportation. Only 800 cars are allowed on the island. There is a twelve year wait for residents applying to bring their car over. Most of the residents drive around in gas-powered golf cars, which are quite practical in the small village of Avalon.

We took an excursion boat from Dana Point, CA, which is about 30 miles north of Ed's home in Vista. The trip took approximately 90 minutes. It was a bit bumpy in the morning going over, but smooth coming back. Some people on the boat brought along an noisy parrot, which squawked the whole time.

On Avalon, we had lunch at a nice diner on the harbor. Mizza had delicious clam chowder and a grilled cheese sandwich. Rachel always gets chicken, so she got chicken. Bette had a hot roast beef sandwich and Ed had delicious fish and chips. Following lunch, we took a tram ride which went through the village, and then up into the mountain roads for a spectacular view of the harbor. Later on, the ladies bought things, which ladies are want to do. We had ice cream in the afternoon while waiting for the boat back to Dana Point. On the trip back, the captain stopped to point out whales and dolphins. We didn't get any pictures as they were too quick.