Valley Springs Presbyterian Church

Dedication Service

Sunday January 23, 2000

Outside view of the new building which sits on a hill in Roseville, CA. Phase I of the building has been completed, but much work remains to be done. Members of the congregation are installing all of the landscaping, saving over $100K.
A large cross stands the entrance to Valley Springs. The cross is a beacon to all who pass by, plainly visible from a major boulevard in Roseville.
The entrance and front lobby of the church, with a welcome center, literature tables, and coffee area.
A view of the sanctuary before the dedication service. The stage will be expanded in the future, with colorful banners added to the backdrop. Roses from Aunt Ronnie and the plants we got at Home Depot stand on either side of the stage.
Dr. David George and part of the worship team rehearse for the morning service. A projector displays song lyrics, responsive readings and the sermon outline on the back wall.
Dave spoke on the history of the church and its several homes over 11 years. He then lead the congregation in a litany of dedication. The sermon was on Jonah and the places God uses.
Jayne George teaches the grade 1-6 children in the childrens area. The equipment stolen by the robbers is gradually being replaced by insurance and the kindness of church members.
Youth Room used by Jr & Sr High students with a stage and small band area. The Sr High group is called U4IC and the Jr High is called T5. The youth dedicated the building in their own way Saturday evening with a swing dance which drew a large and energetic crowd. Ronnie and Ed watched Emily wear out 4 or 5 guys while teaching them dance steps.
Emily George plays the keyboard leads singing for the Jr High group Sunday morning. The Jr High message was on Daniel, part of a series on "Teen Heros of the Bible".
Emily and her partner winning the cookie stacking contest.
Allison George talks with Ronnie, who is recovering nicely from her mishap on the trip out to California.
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