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Thank You from The George Family

August 21, 2002

Dear Friends:

We want to thank you for your prayers and all the love you have shown us through phone calls, cards and letters, meals, flowers and other gifts since Esther went so suddenly to be with her Lord last October. We apologize for not writing or calling to thank you, but we have been overwhelmed with all that we have experienced over the months. We have found that as we have gotten older, things are not as easy to keep up with, and writing is one of them.

Despite some aches and pains, we are all in relatively good health, and we thank God for His goodness and care. We are still able to climb the stairs here in the big house that has been our home for 50 years, even climbing to our bedrooms on the third floor. Because of difficulty in walking and caring for himself, Frank has been living in a retirement community since last year. Until recently, he was able to spend weekends here with us.

Since our sister Mary was called Home, Esther had been our chief grocery shopper and cook, and Ruth, despite inexperience, took on the tasks. Other brother-in-law Howard Landon has graciously stepped in to assist us with many details related to Esther's passing and other matters that we were having difficulty keeping up with. Our church, Woodland Presbyterian, has been very kind and caring, and members are still bringing in some meals and calling and visiting.

Again, we apologize for being so slow in acknowledging your kindnesses to us. Thank you so much for your loving care and thoughts. Elizabeth (Tuddy) Landon and Ginnie Adair, our married sisters, join us in sending you our love.


Martha, Florence, Ruth, Frank
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