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Please note that while this website contains a great deal of George Family information, it has not been updated in quite a few years. You can find additional information through these additional resources:




Rachel and Stephen's Wedding

Read about Florence's Life (by Virginia Adair)

Ben and Helen-Joy

Martha George Memory

August 2002

Thanks from the George Family

The George Family thanks everyone for all of the love and support after Esther's passing.

July 2002

Mary & Marka in Arizona

Beautiful pictures from the Red Rock of Sedona, Arizona.

Early Summer Pix

A collection of pictures from Rachel's graduation, Steve George's birthday, and Mizza's trip to California.

Pictures from Kessab

Ronnie George sends us pictures from Osanna's 1996 trip to Armenia.

May 2002

Isaiah Documents

Howard Landon has discovered Isaiah & Rachel's marraige certificate and various citizenship documents.

Rachel's Prom

Pix of Rachel's senior prom and one of Tom George at UWSP graduation.

David & Jayne

Power for Living features the stories of David George and Jayne Good as they begin their walks with Christ

Marka & Mary in Mexico!

A gallery of pictures from M&M's trip South of the Border.

March 2002

50 Years of Power for Living

Jim Adair looks back of a half century of Power for Living.

Isaiah George Letter

Recently discovered letter in Isaiah's own hand.

October 2001

Esther George Memorial

We remember Aunt Esther.

Ben Climbs the Half Dome

Ben Lynerd conquers the Half Dome Mountain

July 2001

Rachel Down Under

Picture album from Rachel's trip to Australia and New Zealand.

April 2001

The Ellis Island Records

The record of our family's immigration to America.

Pictures from Tom and Barbara

A recent visit with Ronnie and Barbara's brother, Barry Harbach.

Easter Celebration

Photos from Easter around the family

Vacation in St. Thomas

A photo album from Mark, Donna and Allie's trip to the Virgin Islands.

March 2001

Rocklin Dinner

Photos of Ken and Ed's visit to Rocklin, including the Mexican/Armenian dinner. Also some added bonus shots of Tom George with Wisconsin Governor McCallum.

February 2001

Postcards from Wisconsin

Photos of Tom George snow shoeing in Wisconsin

January 2001

Recollections of WW II

Story of Howard Landon's Navy tour of the Pacific during World War II.

New Years in Philadelphia

Pictures from Tuddy and Howard's New Years lunch.

November 2000

Thanksgiving in Philadelphia

Pictures from Thanksgiving dinner at 516.

Ken's Birthday

Surprise party for Ken George's 40th birthday.

October 2000

Adair's Trip Back East

Jim Adair's photos of their trip to Philadelphia, Baltimore and Ocean City.

September 2000

Labor Day Pictures!

Various activities from the month. Labor Day at UWSP, the Adair's trip to Wisconsin Dells and the Lynerd's new deck.

August 2000

Landon's European Vacation!

A great travelogue of Mark, Donna and Allie's travels though the United Kingom - on the left side of the road.

July 2000

Adairs in Aruba!

Marka and Mary Sue Adair send us some great pictures of their travels to Aruba and the Camelback Resort in Phoenix, AZ

Mizza Goes to Catalina

Pictures from Mizza, Bette, Ed and Rachel on a boat trip to Catalina Island in California.

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